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Cathedral Cave Tours

Tour admission fees vary depending on age, from free to $12.00. This is a lantern tour that lasts approximately two hours. The tour begins at the campground shower house and includes a short one-third mile walk up Deer Run Trail to the cave's entrance. The cave tour itself lasts about an hour and 30 minutes. The remaining time is spent traveling on the trail to and from the cave entrance. The cave temperature is 57ºF (13ºC). The tour is limited to the first 20 people. Because this activity includes hiking up Deer Run Trail, it is more strenuous than the Onondaga Cave tour. Guests may encounter extremes in weather conditions during this tour. Prepare for heat, humidity and thunderstorms. The hike and tour collectively cover about 2 miles round trip. Pets are not allowed on cave tours. A limited number of pet crates are available to rent for $5.