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Select a tour destination from the drop down and choose a date to narrow down your search. Cancellation Policy: Canceling a tour reservation seven or more days prior to arrival results in a full refund of tour fees paid. Tour reservations canceled less than seven days in advance results in the forfeiture of all tour fees.

Missouri Mines Guided Tour

Tour admission fees vary depending on age, from free to $5.00. The Missouri Mines museum galleries can be examined at your own pace (exhibits are labeled) or you may choose to have a interpreter provide more detailed and personalized interpretation. Tours are given on demand for individuals and families – schools and other large groups should schedule their visit in advance. Most formal tours relate to the site's mining history theme. Interpretation is customized to address your specific interests. Topics may include: when the mining occurred, how it was done, the equipment used, the men who did it, historic and economic significance, or life in the mining community. Formal tours are not normally conducted in the mineral gallery, but interpreters are available to answer questions and can direct you to specific exhibits relating to earth science and geology